Luke Bryan Takes A HARD Fall After Slipping On A Phone Thrown On Stage, Gets Up & Goes Straight To The Replay

Luke Bryan

Yeah, this is why you don’t throw things on stage while an artist is performing.

We’ve seen numerous instances over the past year or so of dumbass fans throwing things at artists while they’re on stage. Kelsea Ballerini was hit in the eye by a bracelet that a fan threw at her on stage. And pop singer Bebe Rexha required stitches after being hit by a phone that somebody threw on stage.

And even the mild-mannered Luke Combs went off on a fan who threw a cup of ice at him while he was performing.

It’s dumb, and I have no idea why people keep doing it (although I assume alcohol plays a part).

Well Luke Bryan recently fell victim to a phone that somebody had thrown on stage…and when I say “fell” I mean “fell” – HARD.

Luke was getting towards the end of his set last night at Coast City Country in Vancouver, BC, Canada when he slipped on a phone that somebody had thrown on stage and hit the ground hard.

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Luckily Luke wasn’t hurt, and laughed it off like a champ. Once he realized what he had slipped on, he picked up the phone and laughed while mouthing something that I’m pretty sure contained the word “motherfucker” as he handed the phone back to its owner.

“It’s ok. Hey, um, my lawyer will be calling.”

But then Luke wanted to go back to the replay and see the fall for himself, asking a fan who was recording if they had gotten the fall on video.

Well lucky for Luke it was all caught on tape, so he took the fan’s phone and held it up for everybody to see as he replayed the tumble:

“Alright let’s zoom in…

Alright here we go again. There I am. There we go, I’m jumping, jumping, hyping the crowd. There we go…THERE IT IS.”

And Luke was a good sport about it all, joking that he was needing a new viral moment to promote his new song:

“Hey, I need some viral. This is viral, alright? This is viral. Hey, #loveyoumissyoumeanit.”

Good on Luke for taking it like a champ – but man, people have got to stop throwing shit on stage before somebody gets seriously hurt.

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