Luke Combs Loses It On A Guy Who Threw A Cup Full Of Ice At Him On Stage In Ottawa: “You Ain’t So Tough Now, Are Ya?”

Luke Combs

What a f*cking clown…

Luke Combs is still out on the road, wrapping up his 2022 tour with a few stops in Canada before finishing up with a pair of dates in Oklahoma next month.

Last night Luke was in Ottawa at the Canadian Tire Centre, but during one of his most emotional songs, some jackass tried to ruin it for the whole crowd.

In the middle of performing “Even Though I’m Leaving,” a dude chucked a cup that appeared to be filled with ice at Luke on stage, hitting him and sending ice flying everywhere.

What the hell is wrong with people?

Luke kept his cool for the remainder of the song, but walked out to the front of the stage and kept his eye on the asshole the entire time. And after the song was over, Luke let him have it:

“Hey hardass, where you at? Hey hardass, I’m talking to you. Where you at?

You throwing shit at me? You ain’t so tough now are you?”

@_jenniferlisa Don’t throw sh*t at Luke Combs #lukecombs #ottawa #fyp ♬ original sound – _jenniferlisa

Security quickly escorted the guy out, but why the hell would you pay good money to go to a concert just to do some stupid shit like that and get kicked out?


You can see the cup hit Luke at around 2:34 in the video:

And another video from Luke’s Canadian run shows a fight breaking out in the pit right in front of the stage as Luke sings another one of his most heartfelt songs, “Forever After All.”

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Everything alright with y’all up there in Canada? What the hell is going on?

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