Miranda Lambert Teases New Music That Transports You Back To Her “Kerosene” Era

Miranda Lambert country music
Miranda Lambert


Just from this tiny snippet of music, I can tell we are in for some music that is going to make me want to run through walls. Miranda Lambert is letting fans know that new music is coming soon with a flashback-style teaser clip.

The track, seemingly called “She Set It All On Fire,” is accompanied by some new and old clips of Lambert. The compilation looks like it tells the story of a woman about to do something terrible, leading to a mugshot.

But the best shot of the video is a young Lambert staring as fire blazes behind her, pulled from her iconic “Kerosene” music video. We all Lambert came out of the gate swingin’ with her debut album Kerosene, which was followed by a second collection of bad*** songs on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

These eras of Miranda Lambert single-handedly contributed to the fact that I feel like I could fist fight most men who do me wrong today (which is also my toxic downfall because I am as weak as a chicken leg, but I have a mouth on me from many years of screaming out “Kerosene” and “Gunpowder & Lead”).

If her music had that effect on a 9-year-old me, I can only imagine what it will to me in my 20s if this snippet shapes up to deliver what it is teasing.

Drop it now, Miranda Lambert.

“She set it all on fire…”

While you’re here, you might as well fire up “Kerosene.”

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