Escape Artist Largemouth Jumps Right Out Of The Fish Tank At Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops fish tank

I’ve seen a few Bass Pro fish tanks in my day and checked out all the fish in them, but never have I seen anything close to this.

The tanks at Bass Pro Shops have become a staple to the brand, drawing in kids to see the native species to the area up close and personal. These tanks hold species from the area in an effort of education, conservation and just because it’s cool to see big bass swimming from that viewpoint.

I mean, seeing those beauties has to make you want to buy another rod, right?

Recently, these tanks have been a topic of discussion with one man even stripping down and jumping in, ending in well deserved legal trouble. Another showcased how to test out your lures at the store with the tank.

This was the opposite of those and actually shows a fish wanting no parts of the tank. This tank was home to some largemouth bass, one is even seen getting released into the tank.

The fish immediately doesn’t like it and races to the other side. In a flash the fish makes a dash and ends up out of the water and right over the side of the tank flopping on the stores floor right in front of customers.

One dude goes to pick it up and is about to toss it back in, but is told to leave it. It sounds like they didn’t want to contaminate the rest of the tank, but it’s unclear why the lady is screeching at him in the background.

Talk about a wild Bass Pro experience:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock