Alabama Man Strips Naked, Jumps Into Fish Tank At Bass Pro Shop, Knocks Himself Unconscious

Bass Pro Shop
St. Clair Sheriff's Office

Can we leave the poor fish at Bass Pro Shop alone?

The police are still looking for a man in Florida who stole a 50-lb tarpon from the fish tank of a Bass Pro Shop last year. And we’re only 5 days into 2024 and we already have our first Bass Pro Shop Bandit of the year…although this one didn’t get away with anything, and it sounds like he did more damage to himself than to the fish.

An Alabama man is under arrest after allegedly stripping naked and jumping into the fish tank at the Bass Pro Shop in Leeds, Alabama.

According to, the incident started near closing time at the store just outside of Birmingham when the man was acting erratically in the parking lot and drove into a pole.

After the crash, he got out of his car and stripped his clothes off before running inside the store and doing a cannonball into the aquarium. The man then stood under the waterfall of the fish tank before exiting as police approached.

But then he decided to go for yet another swim, yelling at officers as they approached the tank.

Then the man decided to climb out once again – but fell to the ground as he was exiting the tank and hit his head, knocking himself unconscious.

He woke up as officers began to handcuff him, and tried to struggle, but was eventually taken into custody and charged with a whole slew of charges, including public lewdness, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault on a police officer, two counts of first-degree criminal mischief and two counts of reckless endangerment.

The man, 42-year old George Owens of Sterrett, Alabama, was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation before being booked in the jail.

It looks like he has a $0 bond on the charges stemming from the Bass Pro Shop charges, but he’s currently being held in the St. Clair county jail on charges out of nearby Jefferson County.

Those poor fish at Bass Pro. Probably thought somebody was throwing a worm in the tank for dinner and got quite the shock when they tried to bite it.

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