Matthew McConaughey Says Fake Boobs Are Overrated: “It May Be Heresy”

Matthew McConaughey in a suit

Straight shootin’ as always.

Back in 2016, Matthew McConaughey sat down with People Magazine and Jess Cagle to talk about a whole mess of topics including everything from his last meal and fake boobs, to when he feels sexiest, music, movies, and plenty more.

And in typical McConaughey fashion, it was full of brilliant one liners, some personal little notes to make you think, introspection, comedy, and a shocking amount of honesty from a Hollywood superstar.

So where does McConaughey fall on the fake boobs question?

You might be surprised to find that he think they’re:


Even the way this guy says fake boobs are overrated, it makes you stop and get philosophical about the subject at hand.

“It may be heresy, but fake boobs are overrated.”

He also added that as a man, he feels sexiest after the birth of his child:

“The sexiest a man feels is right after the birth of his child. A man is never more masculine than after the birth of his child.”

As a new father, I can’t say that sexy was the feeling I had… it was more like panic, anxiety, stress, adrenaline… I mean, I was white-knuckling my way through my wife’s entire 4-hour SPRINT of a labor, and that includes white-knuckling that steering wheel like Dale Earnhardt blowing red lights on my way to the hospital.

But that being said, now that I know what to expect, I could see how it could be sexy once that little bloody, gooey bundle of joy slides out and you already know what kind of light and love they’re going to bring to your life.

I’ll let ya know after number two…

However, if you polled 100 women on when THEY think Matthew McConaughey is sexiest, I think the top of the Family Feud answer board would read something in the Magic Mike territory.

Here ya go, ladies.

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