Woman Who Accused Trevor Bauer Of Sexual Assault Now Facing Felony Fraud Charges

Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer

The plot of the Trevor Bauer story thickens.

Bauer, who once was a young standout pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, has not played in the MLB since 2021. That’s because he’s been fighting to clear his name after two women came out accusing him of sexual assault.

Initially, Trevor Bauer was suspended by the MLB for two full seasons, and that suspension was later reduced to 194 games in late 2022. Though Bauer has now been away from the major leagues for the designated period of time, no other MLB teams have ever come calling, likely scared away by the serious allegations.

Bauer ended up going to Japan and playing for the Yokohama DeNA BayStars of Nippon Professional Baseball for the 2023 season, all while he’s tried to sort out all of the lawsuits that have been brought against him.

The former MLB pitcher has already settled with one of the women who accused him of sexual assault, and if you might remember, it was the girl that went viral for getting thrown out of a Morgan Wallen concert.

That lawsuit was dropped back in October of last year, and neither Bauer nor his accuser, Lindsey Hill, had to pay any money in the settlement. And now in another video released from Bauer, we’re hearing more of his side of the story that pertains to the other woman that accused him of sexual assault.

According to the video that he posted, the additional person that had taken legal action against him,  was indicted for committing felony fraud against Bauer. That’s obviously another interesting development in the Trevor Bauer story, and again, seems to help in clearing his name and paving his way back to playing baseball.

The accuser, Darcy Esemonu, was apparently indicted on felony fraud charges that included both Bauer and another man, and could now face up to 16 years in prison. Trevor got into each and every detail about his second accuser in the video he posted, and even included her own messages in an attempt to further prove his innocence.

Later in the clip, he asserted that he would never hesitate to defend himself again, though at the moment, there are no outstanding claims or lawsuits and no ongoing investigations into Bauer. He’s been open about his desire to speak about the cases brought against him publicly, and continued to do so with this clip:

And just in case you missed the video he put together on Lindsey Hill, you can catch up with that as well at the link below:

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