Trevor Bauer Accuser Lindsey Hill Discusses Viral Morgan Wallen Concert Video: “I’m A Terrible Drinker”

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Earlier this week, Trevor Bauer released a video telling his side of the story after the lawsuits surrounding accusations of sexual assault made by Lindsay Hill were dropped.

Bauer was suspended for two full seasons, or 324 games, by Major League Baseball after the allegations surfaced last spring, but his suspension was later reduced to 194 games in December 2022. When no MLB teams picked him up after his suspension was over, Bauer spent the 2023 season playing in Japan for the Yokohama DeNA BayStars of Nippon Professional Baseball.

After a judge denied the restraining order requested by his accuser, Lindsey Hill, Bauer filed a lawsuit against Hill for defamation, claiming that she fabricated the allegations to destroy his career. Hill then filed a countersuit against Bauer for battery.

But this week, Bauer revealed that the cases have been settled, with neither party paying anything to the other. According to a statement from Hill’s lawyers, she received a $300,000 payment from her own insurance company, and based on that payment, agreed to drop the lawsuit against Bauer.

And Bauer also revealed text messages and videos sent by Hill to her friends that he claimed exonerated him from her claims.

After posting the video, many online were outraged at Hill, with some Twitter users calling for Hill to be prosecuted for making false claims of sexual assault.

But this isn’t the only time Hill has found herself in a social media firestorm: Bauer’s accuser went viral earlier this year when she was caught on video getting kicked out of a Morgan Wallen concert in Nashville.

The video, from Morgan’s free album release concert at Bridgestone Arena back in March, shows Hill screaming and cursing while another girl tells her to just leave.

Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to have the ability to just walk away, and eventually had to be escorted out of the pit by security.

She wasn’t done yet though…

After being removed from the floor, Hill can then be seen standing at the barricade surrounding the pit area, security surrounding her, as she continues to yell and scream.

At the time of the incident, Whiskey Riff spoke with one of the folks in the video, who told us that the woman had left her spot to get a drink and was trying to push her way back to the front of the crowd. But apparently she had already pissed some people off, and when they wouldn’t let her back to the front, she became belligerent and got herself kicked out.

And to add insult to injury? According to the witness, apparently when police gave her friends the opportunity to leave with her, they told the officer that they were “there to see Morgan Wallen” and let their drunken friend get taken away on her own while they stayed to enjoy the show.

@chrisf1996 When you act like you’re above everyone else and then try to push and cut in front of people at a Morgan Wallen concert and get kicked out #Karen #morganwallen #kickedout #nashvilletn #bridgestonearena ♬ original sound – Chris Ford

Well with the lawsuits in her rearview, Lindsey Hill is also speaking out, and finally addressed the viral video during an interview with Alex Stein on his show Prime Time With Alex Stein.

Hill revealed that while she had gotten sober, the video was taken during a time when she had relapsed:

“My sobriety has taken a toll and I have fallen on my face. I’m pretty sure everybody’s seen the Morgan Wallen video.”

She says that after the March incident, she went back to treatment a couple months later:

“I have absolutely fallen on my face with sobriety this entire year. I went to treatment in May, and I’m really trying to work on it and stay sober, which is another huge reason why agreeing to a settlement and just throwing my hands up and just putting me first.

I’m a terrible drinker, and that was one of the number one defenses in this case is that she’s an alcoholic.”

You can watch the entire interview, but be warned, it’s pretty graphic (and quite frankly disgusting at times on the part of the interviewer).

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