Megan Moroney Has More Than Moved On, Teases Rock-Infused Summer Anthem “Indifferent”

Megan Moroney country music
Jeff Johnson

I feel an album announcement nearing with all of these single teasers.

Megan Moroney has been not only dropping new music but heavily teasing new singles on a daily basis. While Moroney has teased this single before, it feels as though she is about to drop it, given the title has been revealed on social media platforms and she shared a “preview” of the single on YouTube.

At the end of March Moroney teased a single that is 100% for the girls. Now named “Indifferent,” it is a therapeutic anthem for that feeling of not caring a lick about your ex anymore. This a message that most women can relate to; it’s so empowering to feel like that person no longer has a hold on your emotions.

“Throwback to how I used to care about,
Where you went, where you’ve been, who you’re with,
Losing my patience and checking locations,
And rereading texts that you sent,

I would cry 1,2,3 too many times,
Just wasting my prime,
On a guy who was more wrong than right”

Now Moroney is heavily pushing the single on social media, noting that it is going to be the anthem of the summer, and I have a feeling she is right. With it being in the thick of spring, that means that this song should be coming out relatively soon for her “summer anthem” prediction to be true.

This song is a little different from the typical “emo cowgirl” sound that we get from Moroney (more emo, less cowgirl), but it’s a refreshing change of pace compared to her sad girl anthems. I think that this rock-inspired track (giving Olivia Rodrigo vibes?) will quickly become a fan favorite, and I can picture the girls screaming this at the top of their lungs in the months to come.

Moroney noted at the end of 2023 that she was  “almost done” writing her sophomore album, and with her most recent releases like “No Caller ID”  and “28th of June,”  this project is shaping up to be just as captivating as Lucky. 

Turn this one all the way up. I hope we get this one sooner rather than later.

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