Zach Bryan Debuts Unreleased Track “28” In Iowa

Zach Bryan

I need this single dropped ASAP.

Zach Bryan is taking the YouTube tapes straight to the big stage. Shortly after returning to social media in the midst of the Quittin’ Time Tour, Zach Bryan leaned in his first 48 hours back, dropping two new singles on his YouTube channel. One is a backyard jam session of a track titled “Like Ida,” and the other is a stunning piano ballad titled “28.”

The track, seemingly composed around the Oklahoma native’s 28th birthday, has lyrics reflecting on his life and how lucky he feels. While he feels lucky, the song carries a melancholy undertone as he knows how hard it is for his loved ones to be away from home. There are lines that make me wonder if ZB’s girlfriend inspired the track by relating to her hometown of Boston and the streets of New York, where the two live.

“You took a train to the south side of Boston,
You showed me where your old man stayed,
Took 28 years of blood I was lost in,
To feel loved on my own birthday,
I always felt like I’s in between something,
Like home and somewhere far away…”

Zach Bryan must have been missing home a little extra in Des Moines, Iowa because he took the song to the big stage for the first time that evening. Before his 20-minute “Revival” composition, he slowed things down for this stunning track.

I was in love with the piano ballad, but hearing the full-band composition made me fall even harder for this song.

“How lucky are we?
It’s been a hell of a week, but we’re all grown now,
There’s smoke seeping out, of your bloody teeth,
But you’re home somehow…”

How lucky are the people in the crowd to be hearing this track live for the first time? ZB, we are begging you to drop this one.

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