Ryan Gosling Returned To SNL For “Papyrus 2” Avatar Sketch, & The Sequel Somehow Eclipsed The Original

Ryan Gosling

Between Caitlin Clark’s surprise cameo, and Chris Stapleton showing out as a stage and sketch artist, the latest edition of Saturday Night Live would’ve slapped on the strength of those acts alone. However, when a comedic force like Ryan Gosling is hosting, you better believe something truly special is in store.

Pretty sure I’ve gassed up the first “Papyrus” video that Gosling did in this space before as one of the best SNL segments of this generation. The premise revolves around Gosling’s everyman graphic designer character, who’s dismayed by the fact that the movie Avatar uses Papyrus as its primary font for all marketing and promotional materials. In a bigger, bolder and frankly superior sequel, SNL and Gosling teamed up again about six and a half years later for “Papyrus 2.”

Let’s just say it was worth the wait:

Sequels to modern blockbusters often struggle under the weight of how great the original is. Not in this instance. I had to go back to the first one to make sure I didn’t misremember, because the grand finale of “Papyrus 2” features a twist that, dare I say, rivals Star Wars’ The Empire Strikes Back for one of the biggest, unexpected revelations ever committed to film.

Rather than letting the cat out of the bag on that one, I’ll tread lightly and do my best to avoid spoiler territory from here on out. Have you ever seen Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys? Holland March is one of the best characters in cinema history. I know a lot of this sounds like fanboying and simping for Ryan Gosling, but hey, when a man is this uncannily funny, it deserves to be recognized.

Back to the subject of this article. Avatar: The Way of Water has obviously released in the ensuing years since SNL‘s OG “Papyrus” vid, and was yet another massive global phenomenon of a hit by James Cameron. Speaking of things that are worth the wait, at least from a box office perspective, the 13 some-odd years from Avatar to The Way of Water paid off in a big way. Like to the tune of a $2.32 billion worldwide gross.

You may or may not have caught on to the font that was used for Cameron’s long-awaited second entry to a series that’ll feature at least five movies. Good news, what The Way of Water did in that regard is so hilarious that it almost seems made-up. Rest assured, a quick Google search confirmed that it’s indeed real. Again, being purposely vague here so as not to spoil everything.

Just go watch “Papyrus 2.” Understanding that humor is so wildly subjective and individual, if you don’t laugh, I question your taste and ability to feel feelings.

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