Chris Stapleton Steals The Show In “Get That Boy Back” SNL Skit

Chris Stapleton country music

Chris Stapleton: certified country music star and… respectable comedian?

On this week’s edition of Saturday Night Live, the “White Horse” singer was the musical guest alongside host Ryan Gosling. And yes, if you were wondering, there was a “Ken” skit. Gosling may never shake that Barbie character, even though he “said goodbye” in his opening monologue.

There were a number of great skits throughout the show, but the one that really stood out was one titled “Get That Boy Back,” which actually featured none other than Chris Stapleton himself. The premise of music video/sketch was a typical revenge country song about a woman getting back at her unfaithful man (think Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”), and as you might imagine, it got excessively weird at one point since it’s SNL.

Though it was strange, it successfully landed because Stapleton stepped in to plat the role of a man who was on the wrong end of a relationship. While the other women in the skit keyed their man’s car, and wrote with lipstick all over his possessions (again, a nod to Carrie), the partner Stapleton’s character was paired up with dealt out what could only be called psychological warfare.

The character played by the country music artist dealt with his significant other replacing his shoes every week with exact replicas that were a half size larger, hiding in his parent’s house camouflaged in the wallpaper, and even convincing Stapleton that he was losing his long locks of hair.

Stapleton lent his voice to the sketch, which obviously helped him steal the show in the comedy piece. Forget the musical guest spot on SNL, Chris Stapleton should be hosting with this kind of talent.

Take a look:

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