The MLB Is Officially Throttling The “Poop Game” In A Tragic Change Of Logos

Poop game

This is a bunch of crap.

There aren’t many things in life that are always there for you. But every year, MLB fans (specifically Pittsburgh Pirates and Philadelphia Phillies fans) can look forward to one thing.

The “Poop Game.”

In case you aren’t initiated, when the Pirates and the Phillies face off during the baseball season, a magical moment occurs. For a short period of time, the stars align, and just like the solar eclipse, people come together to celebrate a phenomenon that doesn’t happen all that often.

When the teams from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia take the field, at the very beginning of the game when both teams are scoreless, the scoreboard imaging creates a special message for fans to laugh at. It happened for the first time in 2024 yesterday:

It was a glorious “Poop Game” yesterday, and the first of a four-game “Poop Series.” Those that celebrated the first day did so knowing that they would have three more “Poop Games” to cherish… or so they thought.

When the Phillies and Pirates took the field tonight, the network broadcasting the game (which appears to be NBCSP, whatever the hell that is) throttled the “Poop Game,” and replaced the Phillies’ “P” logo with their alternate cracked Liberty Bell logo.

Needless to say, fans were outraged:

If we’re trying to find a silver lining to this story, the substitution of the Phillies alternate logo (which matched the special “City Connect” uniforms they were wearing) does leave the door open for the game to be called other “bathroom related” names:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock