The MLB Had Its First “Poop Game” Of The Season With Pirates-Phillies Facing Off

Poop game

A tradition unlike any other.

No, I’m not talking about the Masters. I’m talking about the highlight of every MLB season when the Pittsburgh Pirates take on the Philadelphia Phillies. What’s so special about the matchup between the two national league teams?

It’s simple. The scoreboard.

Specifically, the scoreboard imaging that appears on broadcasts of the baseball game. When you turn on the game (if you aren’t within one of the MLB’s asinine blackout regions), you see the Pirates “P” logo and the Phillies “P” logo on some portion of your screen.

When the game first starts, both teams have a score of “0,” which allows for the… there’s no real good way to say this, but it allows for the “Poop” to occur:

And please forgive me, because I referred to this as the “Poop Game.” It could actually be given the title of the “Poop Series” since the Pirates and the Phillies will match up for four straight games.

It’s the only series of the year where fans of both teams cheer for their squads to not score runs. That way the hilarious “P O O P” stays up on the screen for as long as possible. It might seem stupid, but it gives a lot of joy to that small part in each and every one of us that values bathroom humor.

The “Poop Game” and “Poop Series” honestly deserves more attention, especially since many Phillies and Pirates fans consider it a national holiday. Let’s get a petition going to have the year’s first “Poop Game” be televised nationally, shall we? I’m sure we can get enough people behind the idea, and I’ve got the perfect name for the movement itself.

The Bowel Movement.

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