Sergio Garcia’s Audacious Green Shirt, Yellow Trouser Combo At The Masters Draws Polarizing Reaction

Sergio Garcia
The Masters

Kind of a shame that we don’t get to see Sergio Garcia tee it up on the PGA Tour anymore in tournaments that actually matter. He’s a really odd personality with some bizarre antics, but has an excellent swing, is one of the best drivers of all-time, and could’ve added to his legacy had he not bolted for LIV.

Anyway, neither here nor there on that front. No judgment on Sergio for taking the money at this stage of his career. It’s just nice to see him back out at Augusta National, where he finally broke through as a major champion in 2017. To pay homage to The Masters, the artist formerly known as El Niño got some Twitter fingers warmed up during Thursday’s first-round action with his tournament-themed attire.

I would say that’s pretty damn cool. Some people agree with me.

To me, if you have a green jacket in the closet, a PLAYERS Championship, a stellar Ryder Cup record, and plenty of other wins on your resume, you can wear whatever the hell you want. That’s especially so if you go out and birdie the extremely difficult par-3 fourth hole.

Do people not know that The Masters colors are green and yellow? Is this breaking news? You’d think by the hatred being tossed around by some that it is. I will admit, though, some of the more analogy-based insults are very funny.

Would y’all be pissed if an American pulled up to the U.S. Open rocking a red, white and blue outfit? Please explain all this negativity to me. It ain’t like Sergio is going to wear this getup for all four days, and he’s doing it outside the main ESPN broadcast window! That’s a whole other annual Masters subplot I don’t care to get into lest I be triggered.

Working theory: The fact that I merely named some of Sergio’s accomplishments a few paragraphs ago and he’s still widely viewed as an underachiever is why folks are being so hard on him. The LIV move didn’t do much to help his case either, in terms of how the general golf audience reacts to him. I just think Sergio is taking too much undue heat for his choice of wardrobe.

Keep doing you, Serge. I support your green and yellow. Not to say all of your major championship clothing selections have worked over the years, but this Masters-themed thang is a hit in my book.

It’ll be interesting to keep tabs on Sergio if he makes the weekend cut. He’s had three LIV playoff losses within the past year or so, including the last event in Miami.

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