“A Little Fat” – Masters Announcer Quickly Fixes His Mistake After Appearing To Call Scottie Scheffler’s Sister Fat

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What a disaster at the Masters.

Technically, golf announcer Sean McDonough had already saved himself from his mistake, but it all happened so fast that it almost didn’t matter what he said after the fact.

Right now, the iconic Masters Par Three Contest is taking place, which gives competitors at Augusta National Golf Club a chance to get their competitive juices flowing a day before the actual tournament begins.

It also gives professional golfers a chance to make memories with their families, who are welcome to join them, walk with them, and even hit shots on the 9-hole par three course.

Or just run around like these kiddos did on the green grass of Augusta:

Like I said, occasionally the golfers will have whoever is caddying for them (a wife, fiancé, girlfriend, brother, sister, etc.) hit shots out on the course, and the “celebrity shots” can make for some pretty memorable moments.

But today, there was an announcing mishap that Sean McDonough wishes he and everyone else could forget. Human golf tournament winner Scottie Scheffler had his sister Sara on the bag for him today, and when they got to hole eight, he let her tee one up.

Sara gave her best effort, though she unfortunately hit the ground before the ball and chunked it into the water hazard. Hitting a ball like that in golf is often referred to as “hitting it fat,” and that led to some unfortunate commentary from the golf announcer:

“Sister Sara Scheffler, a little fat… the shot. She is obviously very thin.”

Great catch there, Mr. McDonough.

The video didn’t include his cover up, but  I can promise you that he assured everyone watching that Scottie Scheffler’s sister was very thin. I guess it was better than just leaving it at “a little fat,” but it was still cringey.

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