Video From 2019 Shows Morgan Wallen Challenging People To Headbutting Contests At Nashville Bar

Morgan Wallen

Just guys being dudes…

Obviously Morgan Wallen has earned himself quite a reputation for his hard-partying ways, especially in the wake of his arrest this weekend after allegedly throwing a chair off the rooftop of Eric Church’s new downtown Nashville bar, Chief’s.

But the latest arrest is far from the first time Morgan’s made headlines for his (what we can only assume are) drunken antics.

Back in 2020, Morgan was arrested at another Broadway bar, this time the one owned by Kid Rock, after reportedly breaking a glass, and was hit with a disorderly conduct charge (that was ultimately dropped).

And later in 2020, the country star once again found himself in the middle of some controversy when he was spotted kissing…well, apparently every sorority girl at Alabama, and was ultimately removed from a scheduled appearance on SNL for breaking COVID protocols.

Then of course in 2021 was the controversy that erupted when video was released of Morgan using a racial slur, which resulted in the singer being suspended by his record label, banned from awards shows and temporarily removed from country radio.

Of course things have turned around from Morgan, and he’s always been able to rebound from his previous controversies – arguably coming back stronger than ever each time he’s messed up. (Now, he’s never been facing three felonies before, so this time’s a little different, but to think that this is going to end Morgan’s career once and for all is pretty foolish).

And Morgan’s hard-partying ways aren’t exactly new. Amber Harding Snyder, a journalist for OutKick, shared a video over on X (formerly Twitter and still Twitter in my heart) from 2019 of Morgan at Loser’s Bar here in Nashville…challenging guys to headbutting competitions.

It looks like somebody did finally step in to break it up…which I’m sure Morgan wishes had happened before he (allegedly) launched that chair off the side of Chief’s this weekend.

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