The “Morgan Wallen Makes Music For” Viral Meme Resurfaces After Nashville Arrest

Morgan Wallen country music
Michael Phillips/MNPD

Morgan Wallen is both a headliner and a headline maker.

He’s proved that he can do both at the same time with his recent run in with the law in Nashville. Wallen had just recently wrapped up the first two opening shows of his One Night At A Time tour in Indianapolis, Indiana over the weekend. There’s the headliner part. Sometime after those shows, he found his way down to Broadway and finished off his weekend by getting arrested (again). There’s the headline maker part.

Wallen was cited for three counts of assault with a deadly weapon/reckless endangerment and faces felony charges after throwing a chair off the top of the newly opened Chief’s, Eric Church’s new bar that just had its Grand Opening this past Friday.

Morgan Wallen’s disorderly conduct and arrest at the establishment might as well be its christening.

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There have been plenty of memes and hilarious commentary online about Wallen’s second arrest on Nashville’s famous strip of Honky Tonks. But the one that probably takes the cake above all the others was this one sent out as a reminder of who Morgan Wallen makes music for. It’s a hilarious list that pretty much resurfaces every time Morgan is in the news (which is fairly often) and suggests that the “Last Night” singer aims to produce songs for these types of individuals/groups of people:

-24 year old guys who date high schoolers

-Dudes who cheat at bass fishing tournaments

-Nursing majors who used to bully people in High School

-People who back into Sonic stalls

-People who hunt on high-fenced-in property

-People who order hamburgers at Hibachi restaurants

-People who think stealing copper is owning a small business

-People who’ve punched holes in walls

-Women who cook crockpot cream cheese meals for their alcoholic husbands

-People who live in the Midwest with SaltLife stickers on their trucks

-Unfaithful landscapers who were hometown baseball legends

Somehow, all of those check out.

My favorite one is definitely the “copper stealing small business.” But hey, those types of people need music to listen to, and Morgan Wallen is their guy. He’s also the perfect person to listen to if you are interested in throwing chairs off the top of buildings, or getting publicly arrested outside of a bar.

Or for people who really want to make sure they look good in their mugshots. I mean, he’s two for two with all-time great country music mugshots:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock