“OH MY GOSH! WE GOT IT! AHHHHH”- Texas Weather Woman Absolutely Loses Her Mind Watching The Solar Eclipse

Texas weather woman
The Weather Channel

This had to be the highlight of this woman’s life.

Words simply can’t describe how excited this weather woman was in Fredericksburg, Texas as she witnessed and reported on the 2024 Solar Eclipse. I don’t even need a totality map to tell you that she was in an area with 100% moon-sun coverage. I can confirm she was just based upon her visceral, guttural reaction to the natural phenomenon.

Hopefully you got out today and enjoyed the solar eclipse if you were close enough to the path that ran across much of North America. Even if you did, I know for a fact you didn’t enjoy it as much as this person reporting for The Weather Channel.

The video first picks up with her shouting “DARKNESS,” which then seamlessly goes into a New Year’s style countdown to the point of maximum totality. Conspiracy theorists might have been right, because once the sun was totally blocked, all hell broke loose… at least for this one woman.

There was only one issue: Cloud coverage. Once they reached totality in Texas (and many other places across the country), clouds were in the way of the eclipse. This weather woman explained as it was happening, and even announced that there was an opening she could see in the clouds that could allow them to see the eclipse once more:

“Totality, we’re in it and we’re behind a cloud. But I still want you to appreciate the darkness we are experiencing. And by the way, our temperature has dropped.

We’re down to 72 degrees… I can even see a blue spot right there, COME ON.”

Once the eclipse came out from behind the clouds, she absolutely lost her mind. Screaming, yelping, wailing, and even claiming that the crowd “willed the eclipse” out from behind the cloud coverage. It’s an unbelievably funny video, and definitely worth a rewatch or two.

Check it out:

Holy smokes. You would have thought the world was ending (or she just won the Power Ball, honestly hard to tell) based on that reaction. And speaking of reactions, social media fell in love with the woman who could not have been happier watching the moon cover up the sun in Texas:

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