Lainey Wilson Says She’d Be “Shocked” If She Doesn’t Return To ‘Yellowstone’ – “We’ll See What Happens”

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More Yellowstone news, and once again, it’s of the negative variety.

The 2024 CMT Awards were held last night and the newly crowned queen of country music Lainey Wilson took home the trophy for Female Video of the Year for the second time with “Watermelon Moonshine” after winning with “Heart Like A Truck” in 2023.

It was another big moment in a career full of them, but what really got fans talking were some comments she made in an interview with Entertainment Tonight before the award show kicked off.

Lainey was asked by ET’s Cassie DiLaura about the possibility of her returning to the most popular show on television, Yellowstone, when filming for the second part of season 5 begins and her response was somewhat encouraging.

Last month, actor Ian Bohen, who plays ranch hand Ryan and is the love interest of Lainey’s character, Abby, said he believes they’ll get back on set in May:

“We will go back, rumor has it in May. This summer and then we should be on in November, roughly. We shoot six episodes, November maybe December, and then we go through the holidays and maybe season finale, series finale, maybe around Super Bowl? And then it’ll be the end of an era.”

While that was the most we’ve heard about the return of the show other than it’s expected to return late this year, there’s still a fair bit of confusion within the cast members about exactly how that’s going to happen.

Lainey had this to say when asked if she was returning to wrap up the show:

“I’ll be honest with you. I’d be shocked. And I think how Taylor Sheridan writes his stories, and he just has a beautiful way of bringing things back and letting things go — I’ll be shocked. So, we’ll see what happens.”

While I’m sure there’s a drive to end his flagship show on a high note, there’s no doubt creator Taylor Sheridan has been more than busy since Yellowstone exploded onto the scene in 2018. He’s created two spinoffs already, 1883 and 1923, along with a slew of other shows currently streaming on Paramount+, such as Tulsa King, Mayor Of Kingstown, and Lawman: Bass Reeves. There are also a number of announced shows in development, such as Landman and a modern day Yellowstone spinoff.

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While she wasn’t a main character by any means, I think I speak for all country music fans when I say we want more, not less, Lainey Wilson on our screens.

Fingers crossed they are able to wrap this thing up and do it justice, because with the amount of drama and delays, you don’t want to see a show that made this much of a mark eek to a close like Game Of Thrones did…

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