‘Yellowstone’ Actor Ian Bohen Confirms Filming For Final 6 Episodes Will Begin In May: “It’ll Be The End Of An Era”

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I don’t know if this fully qualifies as good news, but it’s great not being hit with another certifiably BAD piece of Yellowstone information.

Ian Bohen, who plays ranch hand Ryan, spoke with ETonline at an Oscar’s party on Sunday and dished out some behind the scenes details on how the most popular show on TV is set to wrap up.

The second half of season five has been on hiatus for some time now but the end of this long winter is in sight as Yellowstone is schedule to debut the final part of the series this November.

During the interview, Bohen gave us some inside information on what the filming schedule is shaping up to be:

“We will go back, rumor has it in May. This summer and then we should be on in November, roughly. We shoot six episodes, November maybe December, and then we go through the holidays and maybe season finale, series finale, maybe around Super Bowl? And then it’ll be the end of an era.”

Six episodes? Is that all we’re going to get after all the drama and waiting? It better be worth it…

Before he gave this answer, Bohen spoke on what he filled his time with while the show was paused, which made me think of how Rip Wheeler, sorry, Cole Hauser, spent his time away from set.

Hauser opened Free Rein Coffee Company, which is centered around the hardworking and early rising lifestyle of cowboys and first responders. Free Rein offers a great line up of roasts, from classic American Dirt to high caffeine Heavy Spur and everything in between. Each purchase helps support charities dear to Hauser’s heart, like the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Bohen said he spent a lot of time with family and a lot of time alone focusing on reading, writing and riding, with a little bit of tennis playing as well.

The interview went on and Bohen addressed the elephant in the room: Kevin Costner’s departure. While he seemingly acknowledged it would be a tough role to fill, he had nothing but confidence that the series would end properly.

“The fraternity of people will be the most important thing, and people come and go and there’s all kinds of stories that you may read about and hear, but this story of what this show is about is the most important. We’re all components and we all become madly in love with each other as actors and as people so we’ll finish that out in this beautiful glide to land. 

It’ll be great, so we just want to take advantage of the time more than anything. You’re gonna get the most satisfying, the best ending that the show could possibly have from the mind of our creator. Taylor is going to be delivering to the audience, so it’ll be worth the wait, so we thank everybody for waiting.”

Of course the topic of Lainey Wilson’s return had to be brought up, considering their characters were quite fond of each other and he seemed optimistic that the newly crowned Queen of Country Music would be returning.

“I will say this, I would be shocked if Lainey Wilson was not in this season. There was some sort of something, little bit of something, for her character and for my character. I believe that, I don’t know, but I believe that that will happen.”

Fingers crossed Bohen’s right about that, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more Lainey on their screen?

To be honest, this whole interview got me fired up to see how it all plays out. I’ve been slowly making my way through the rest of Taylor Sheridan’s shows on Paramount+, and while right now I’m hooked on Tulsa King, I think 1883 may have been my favorite so far… You can get a 7 day free trial here to binge all of Sheridan’s shows and enjoy the live sports and huge selection of other content available.

November can’t come soon enough…

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