Florida Man Gets Creative Capturing An Alligator With A Garbage Can In Classic Viral Video

man captures gator

Florida people are going to do what Florida people are going to do.

I don’t know what the “F” in Florida stands for, but it certainly doesn’t stand for “fear.” Any video I’ve seen out of the Sunshine State usually includes a Florida man or Florida woman risking their life to do something that, if we’re being honest, doesn’t actually have to be done.

What do I mean by that? Well, just to rattle a couple off for reference, we’ve seen a Florida man wrestle a black bear on his porch, a Florida man playing tug-of-war using a python, and a Florida man who “felt like Batman” after he removed a 10-foot alligator from a school parking lot. And speaking of alligators…

This video of a Florida man is going viral once again, and for good reason. In my humble opinion, anytime you use a weird item to trap a gator or crocodile, you should become famous. That should just be a rule, and now that I think about it, that’s basically how it worked out for Steve Irwin (RIP).

In the footage below, a man wearing flip flops decided to take matters into his own hands and trapped a gator near his house using a garbage can on wheels. It’s an incredible showcase of redneck ingenuity, and I honestly can’t believe how well it worked out for him.

Once he coaxed the gator into the trash bin (after hitting it in the head with the lid), he raised it back up to the upright position and proceeded to wheel the reptile back to its nearby habitat. He did it all with an audience too, which makes for quite the exciting viewing experience.

Could he have used some help? Probably. But did he really need any? Based on how smoothly everything went, I’d say he had it under control. As “in control” as you can be capturing a gator with a garbage can.

Take a look:

That’s the coolest Florida man I’ve ever seen.

Can he take the title of “Alligator Hunter” and have a reality TV show based upon him going around catching the large reptiles with weird, everyday items? That would be must see television, and I know the social media commentators below would tune in to see it:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock