Lainey Wilson Joins Chris Tomlin For Beautiful Performance Of “Amazing Grace”

Lainey Wilson country music
Youtube/ Stephen Weaver

A simply beautiful performance.

This past Friday, the annual Good Friday Nashville concert took place at Bridgestone Arena for the eighth consecutive year. Popular christian artist Chris Tomlin hosted and performed with many special guests, including Miss Lainey Wilson.

The concert benefits the foster care and adoption crisis through For Others, which is a non-profit organization created by Tomlin and his wife, Lauren. The organization “aims to be a voice for the vulnerable by living out their mission of raising awareness and empowering best-in-class organizations to end the child welfare crisis in America.”

Chris brought Lainey out as a total surprise to the crowd, telling them that she had just returned from Australia the day before. Lainey said she was “so excited” to be part of it and she could “feel” the Holy Spirit in the room:

“I am so excited to be here… I feel the Holy Spirit in this room, and I am so thankful and I’m so proud to witness this tonight. I know y’all feel it too. It’s undeniable.”

Of course, “Amazing Grace” is one of the oldest and most popular Christian hymns there is, and it was originally written in 1772 by clergyman John Newton. Lainey and Chris did an incredible job with it, and I think one day down the road, Lainey could make a gorgeous gospel album.

Do yourself a favor and check it out:

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Here’s a little more of their performance:

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