Golfer Smacks Pair Of Bucks Fighting On The Course: “Just Trying To Hit My Wedge”

golfer smacks buck

“How am I supposed to chip with that going on, Doug?”

The things the boys can get into on a golf course. I mean, can you imagine seeing a couple bucks square off while playing a round? But it isn’t uncommon to see deer on a golf course, really. It’s a great spot for them in many ways with ample food sources around for them to eat. And if you go out west, Evergreen, Colorado for instance, you’ll see elk all over the links.

Deer are some of the most commonly known animals across North America. These creatures are loved by everyone from animal feeders, to hunters. They reach weights well over 200 pounds at their largest, and are as tasty as any game animal out there.

Bucks battle it out during the rut (their mating season), when they use their size, weight and antlers to spar with other males and establish dominance. The biggest and baddest bucks get first dibs when it comes to mating with prize does, but they have to earn that right in what is essentially a street fight.

These guys came across that on the golf course down in Florida. Two beauty bucks are seen pushing back and forth right in the middle of it all, a bit smaller than the big bucks you see up north. That’s when one of the boys comes up with that idea.

“Slap him, bro”

Yes, what a great idea… surely, he wouldn’t do that. No, of course he would, he’s with the boys on the links… maybe had a few cold pops, why not? The man creeps up and pulls back giving the bigger buck a good wack on the backside. It surprises both of the bucks and puts a hold on their battle as the boys all cry out in laughter.

Good times.

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A beer bottle on a dock