Hunter Takes Down Massive Yukon Bull Moose With A Long Bow At 17 Yards Out

Moose hunt with bow
KUIU Ultralight

Now that is a close encounter… talk about a thrill, I got excited just watching this one.

Moose hunting is a thrill, these massive creatures are a sight to see. Hunting one with a riffle is one thing, but a bow is a whole other game. Getting them into range and staying calm enough to take that perfect shot takes a lot of skill and patience.

Moose are the largest member of the deer family, reaching weights well over 1,500 pounds. No place is more famous for massive bull moose than Yukon. It’s the northern extent of where they live, and the place with the largest moose, just the same as Alaska. These massive animals grow antlers reaching 6 feet in length in some cases, that they use as a display of dominance and to prove they are dominant in battle.

Moose hunting is generally done in or near the rut, when bull moose are actively chasing around cows and fighting off competition. This leads to hunting them by trying to get them worked up. People use moose calls that draw them in close. This takes a lot of patience, especially if you’re hunting with a long bow, which requires the perfect shot opportunity.

This guy got it though.

The awesome video shows the massive bull move in close and present the perfect opportunity for the bow hunter. The man takes his shot, and the moose is quickly down. What an experience and the hugs and high fives are what it is all about. That’s gonna be one to remember for sure.

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