UFL Fans Show Support For Dwayne Johnson’s New League With Excellent ‘Moana’ & ‘Tooth Fairy’ Costumes

The Rock fans

These UFL fans can most definitely smell what The Rock is cookin’. Not only were they in attendance for the opening weekend of the newly minted United Football League, but they got into the spirit with some getup from Dwayne Johnson’s most iconic incarnations.

One guy pulled up in a big wig and a shirt to homage Johnson’s character of the demigod Maui from the animated film Moana, while a couple others rocked some hilarious Tooth Fairy costumes as a nod to the 2010 film that surprisingly grossed over $117 million at the box office despite some tough reviews.

It would appear that another UFL attendee went with the classic Johnson portrait where he’s got his hair done up, with a black turtleneck and fanny pack.

You have to love the dedication and passion on display here. The fledgling eight-team UFL got off to a great start on Saturday, with a nightcap that saw Michigan Panthers kicker Jake Bates drill his first field goal attempt since high school — a 64-yard game-winner!

Better believe The Rock was hyped about that cannon boot from Bates.

Spring football has been an elusive concept to drill down in recent years. There was a lot of excitement when the XFL came back in 2020, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the league to fold. The USFL was another startup that couldn’t quite sustain its launch. Johnson had the great idea to buy the XFL back in 2020 and settled its outstanding debts as part of that purchase. After the USFL went through a couple seasons, they merged with the XFL to create this new UFL.

It’s admirable for Johnson to use his considerable wealth and platform to promote a minor league of sorts that will hopefully act as a feeder to deliver more talent to the NFL. There’s such a fine line at the highest level of football, and all many of these players need is an extended opportunity to showcase their skills. Having a spring league is also an ideal audition period so that potential NFL prospects can sign on well in advance of training camps.

These fan reactions suggest a wider appreciation for Johnson’s efforts to bring us football stans real, live gridiron action during the NFL offseason.

Sunday’s first touchdown in the game between the DC Defenders and hosting San Antonio Brahmas came from ex-Steelers running back Anthony McFarland Jr.

To tie this all back to Johnson’s costumes, he will actually reprise his role as Maui in Disney’s live-action version of Moana, which is slated to release on June 27, 2025.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to the animated sequel to the 2016 original, Moana 2, hitting theaters this November 27.

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