“I Have 0 Regrets” — Morgan Wade Shares Update On Progress From Preventative Double Mastectomy

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Morgan Wade is such a badass.

The Virginia native underwent a preventative double mastectomy last November, after testing positive for the BRCA gene (rad51d gene mutation). She learned of the gene during a gig in Europe last year, adding that her mom has already been through it and her younger cousin is planning to have the surgery, as well.

The BCRA1 and BCRA2 genes produce proteins that repair damaged DNA, according to the National Cancer Institute, and when someone inherits harmful variants of one of them, they have an increased risk of several types of cancers, including breast cancer.

It isn’t uncommon for women who have this gene to have the double mastectomy in order to majorly decrease their risk of getting breast cancer. And yesterday, Morgan took to Instagram to give a pretty in-depth update on how it went, saying that she did it at the young age of 29 to be “proactive.”

Morgan also got into detail on some of the specifics, saying she chose to have implants, and also explained that it’s been an adjustment mentally in terms of what she sees in the mirror now because “change is never easy.” Ultimately, she “has 0 regrets” and says she’s “blessed” to have gotten through it.

Lastly, Morgan added that the “next process is egg retrieval and eventually a hysterectomy and oophorectomy (that I can hold off on a little longer due to my age),” so it sounds like this journey is still far from over. Good for Morgan for taking care of her health and being proactive.

I think that’s something we can all learn from and be better at:

“I haven’t talked much about my post surgery recovery from my double mastectomy and reconstruction I had back in November. For those that don’t know I have the rad51d gene mutation and with my family history of breast cancer I decided to be proactive.

It’s been 4 months and I’ve been back to powerlifting and running. Started back to that around January. There have been a few things I haven’t been able to do until now – the last month I’ve finally been back to doing what I want. Push-ups, pull-ups and getting a massage (couldn’t lay on my stomach).

A few questions I’ve had :

– I did get implants – and I’m happy with them.
– I do not have nipples. The breast cancer my aunt had started in her milk ducts and we wanted no chance of that with me. I just said take it all. 😅
– It was an adjustment to look at myself for a minute. I’m still adjusting to how different my body looks – change is never easy – but this was worth it.
– I have 0 regrets and I am extremely happy with the choice I made. I am blessed God got me through this and has allowed me to heal fast and I look forward to a healthy long life Lord willing.
– The next process is egg retrieval and eventually a hysterectomy and oophorectomy (that I can hold off on a little longer due to my age)

Thank you all for continuous prayers and support and love. Excited to be working and getting ready for tour.”

I find it extremely admirable that Morgan is opening up like this on such a personal topic, and using her platform to bring awareness to something like this, which most women either don’t know enough about or just don’t talk about, is important.

You can read her full post below.

Morgan released her fantastic sophomore studio album Psychopath in August, and she will open for Alanis Morissette on tour this summer, in addition gearing up for her own 2024 run of her Crossing State Lines acoustic tour that kicks off in April.

Crossing State Lines 2024 tour dates:

APR 14, 2024 The Caverns – Pelham, TN
APR 18, 2024 Capitol Theatre – Macon, GA
APR 19, 2024 Bilheimer Capitol Theatre – Clearwater, FL
APR 20, 2024 Ponte Vedra Concert Hall – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
APR 21, 2024 Tuffy’s Music Box – Sanford, FL
APR 25, 2024 The Metropolitan Theater – Morgantown, WV
APR 26, 2024 Mershon Auditorium – Columbus, OH
APR 27, 2024 Castle Theatre – Bloomington, IL
APR 28, 2024 Liberty Hall – Lawrence, KS
APR 30, 2024 Capitol Theatre – Davenport, IA
MAY 1, 2024 Hoyt Sherman Place – Des Moines, IA
MAY 3, 2024 The Majestic – Fort Smith, AR
MAY 4, 2024 Gillioz Theatre – Springfield, MO

She recently released a new song called “2AM in London” that I’ve had on repeat:

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