Morgan Wade’s Authentic Songwriting And Beautiful Vocals Shine On Somber New Ballad, “2AM In London”

Morgan Wade country music
Morgan Wade/Youtube

Morgan Wade simply does not miss.

She released a new song today called “2AM in London,” which is a solo write by the Virginia native that finds her missing someone special while on a trip overseas.

As far as I know, Morgan has only played it once or maybe a few times (at most) live, notably at Fire on the Mountain Fundraiser in her hometown of Floyd, Virginia at Floyd Country Store last December in what was a gorgeous acoustic rendition.

It immediately caught my attention from the first listen, and is right in her wheelhouse in terms of subject matter that finds her missing someone special who’s back home in the states, laying awake in the middle of the night because of jet lag, wishing she could just go home and be with them.

She admits that it’s coming at a bad time, and she still struggles with temptations that have led her down a bad path in the past:

“There’s a mini bar in my room
I asked the hotel to take it out
I know what it’s like when it’s late at night
And my mind talks good and loud
I slept all day with the jet lag
Tonight I won’t be sleepin’ at all
You’re in the States, hey what would you say
It’s 6 can I give you a call?”

In a post on Instagram, she shared a little bit about the inspiration for it, which is pretty much as straightforward as the song suggests:

“I wrote this song in a hotel room in London when I was alone and missing home, nothing but me and a guitar. Hope you enjoy.”

With such beautifully authentic, honest songwriting and an ability to convey those feelings so meaningfully with her twangy, gritty voice, Morgan has an effortless style, and whether she’s leaning into her rock sensibilities or keeping it decidedly more country on a song like this, I always seem to love it.

This song is certainly no exception… in fact, it might be one of my favorites she’s ever released:

Do yourself a favor and check it out on this lovely Friday morning:

“2AM in London”

Morgan will open for Alanis Morissette on tour this summer, and is gearing up for a 2024 run of her Crossing State Lines acoustic tour that kicks off in April.

Crossing State Lines 2024 tour dates:

APR 14, 2024 The Caverns – Pelham, TN
APR 18, 2024 Capitol Theatre – Macon, GA
APR 19, 2024 Bilheimer Capitol Theatre – Clearwater, FL
APR 20, 2024 Ponte Vedra Concert Hall – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
APR 21, 2024 Tuffy’s Music Box – Sanford, FL
APR 25, 2024 The Metropolitan Theater – Morgantown, WV
APR 26, 2024 Mershon Auditorium – Columbus, OH
APR 27, 2024 Castle Theatre – Bloomington, IL
APR 28, 2024 Liberty Hall – Lawrence, KS
APR 30, 2024 Capitol Theatre – Davenport, IA
MAY 1, 2024 Hoyt Sherman Place – Des Moines, IA
MAY 3, 2024 The Majestic – Fort Smith, AR
MAY 4, 2024 Gillioz Theatre – Springfield, MO

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