Alaskan Brown Bear Runs Down A Moose In Once In A Lifetime Footage

Bear takes down moose in Alaska
Sam Vassar

We recently saw a moose use water to his advantage while avoiding demise at the hands of a grizzly, but this one wasn’t so lucky.

While out on what I believe was a fishing trip, two friends stumbled upon one of the greatest sights in all of nature, a brown bear on the hunt. The two guys were on the Alagnak River, which originates in the Katmai National Park and Preserve in southwest Alaska, when they noticed a moose attempting to wade through the hard running waters. Then their eyes were drawn to a different, much scarier sight.

A large brown bear saw the moose in the open waters and decided to make a run at it. Both moose and brown bears are great swimmers, and given the moose had a head start on the hungry predator, you may think this would be a case where it was able to get away.

But this bear was out for blood.

In a harrowing effort, the bear thrashes towards the moose, powering against the current before eventually catching up with the terrified creature. While the moose sure put in a good effort attempting to fight off the attacker, when all was said and done, it was no use.

Once the bear was able to latch on to the moose it was all over and the clip ends with the bear beginning the feast after dragging the lifeless moose to the shore.

Nature sure is brutal everywhere, but it seems even more so in the wild north of Alaska.

Alaska Fishermen Chased Out Of Spot By Hungry Brown Bears

For as breathtakingly beautiful as Alaska can be, there’s always some form of danger lurking around the corner.

While there’s no shortage of creatures that can be dangerous to us measly humans, there’s one that reigns king over all:

The Alaskan brown bear.

A group of fisherman were treated to an incredible, albeit terrifying, encounter back in September of 2021 while salmon fishing on Crescent Lake near Kanai. According to the video’s description, they were having quite the successful day on the water, reeling in fish after fish, but they weren’t the only ones that took note of the great location.

In the video, we can see four big ole bears coming literally running after them, forcing them to flee to the boat and out of there as fast as possible. But, as it tends to happen, it wasn’t the best time for potential disaster to come sprinting in, as one of the people was off in the trees using the bathroom…

“Salmon fishing with the bears in Alaska. My husband and I did a fly-out from Kenai to Crescent Lake which is near Kenai, Alaska. We were catching fish after fish and the flopping sound is like dinner bells to the bears. The family of bears then started coming after us.

We started loading up but the issue is… one of our companions was using the restroom so it was either we leave her behind on the island or we wait for her and risk getting eaten by the bears.

We waited for her and had to lift her and her loving husband up to the boat as one of the bears was relentless in chasing us and was only an arm’s length from our guide’s back as he was pushing the small tin boat off the island.”

My goodness, can you imagine?

One second you’re popping a squat behind a rock and the next you’re jumping into a boat while a hungry bear is snapping at your heels… Alaska, man. Beautifully terrifying.

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Young Elk Runs From Bear & A Wolf In Banff National Park

It’s hard out here for an elk…

Even in a National Park like Banff, where wildlife is so abundant, it’s not every day that you’re gonna witness an animal encounter like this.

On top of that, to catch it all on video… even crazier.

It might not be the best quality, and our dude is no Steven Spielberg, but amazing none the less.

It starts with a shaking video as you notice something on shore on the far side of the river. It ends up being a wolf chasing a calf elk into the river. It must have nipped it because the elk starts crying pretty hard as it gets into the water. Opting to stay dry, the wolf decides not to pursue, and he glances up at the onlookers before retreating back into the woods.

The young elk lives to fight another day…

Not so fast.

Just as you think the elk may have gotten away, here comes the grizzly charging into the water, making its way across the river. It ends up down stream a ways from the elk still fighting its way back to shore.

As the grizzly hits land, it shows you one of the many reasons they are such an incredible animal. In a matter of seconds it ends up right were the elk touched down on shore and chases it back into the water underneath a bridge.

The bikers who are filming are completely in shock and I can’t really blame them. Imagine your morning work out going along enjoying a bike ride in the mountains and you witness a sequence of events like this?

The elk comes out from under the bridge with the bear right on it tail.

“This is the most epic sh*t ever… This is planet earth.”

Not for the elk…

However, I see no lies here, it is pretty epic. This would be some type of stuff you see on Planet Earth.

As the elk swims down river it gets some distance on the grizzly. Smart move young one, smart move. The elk made it safely to shore, only to find the wolf waiting for him..


“At the end of the video the elk gains some distance but ends up on shore with wolf waiting on the train tracks and the grizzly bear eventually catching up.

Not sure exactly who wins but its definitely not the elk.”

Nature can be a cruel, cruel beast.

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