“That’s Tilda Swinton” – Bruce Springsteen Returns To Stage After Health Scare Just To Get Roasted By Social Media


It’s hard to age with grace in the spotlight. Well, I suppose it’s easier to age when you’re a multi-millionaire, but the whole spotlight part is always gonna bring the criticism.

Bruce Springsteen just returned from a hiatus in his 2023 world tour due to a health issues associated with peptic ulcer disease. His comeback should have been celebrated, but instead, many on social media are making fun of the 74-year-old’s appearance after a multi-month break from performing.

“The Boss” and the E-Street Band got back on stage in Phoenix this past week, and one photo from the night has made its rounds on social media. In defense of the legendary rock n’ roll artist, the picture a) isn’t from a great angle, b) doesn’t have the most flattering lighting and c) didn’t capture the Bruce in the best pose.

I don’t think this caption helped his case either:

“Now fully healthy (and still in better shape than me), Bruce Springsteen re-joined the E Street Band and launched his 2024 tour with an epic 29-song performance in Phoenix on Tuesday night.”

Listen, for a guy that is pushing 75 and just had to take an extended amount of time off to get back into touring form, Bruce Springsteen doesn’t look that bad. At the very least, his history as one of the biggest acts on the planet should earn him some respect.

But social media is a cruel, ruthless place, and they quickly took the opportunity to make some brutal jokes at the expense of Springsteen (and other celebrities), likening his appearance to that of Ellen DeGeneres, Megan Rapinoe, and actress Tilda Swinton:

The unflattering screen grab came from the “band introductions” segment of the show:


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