Trail Camera Captures A Wolf Trying To Eat A Skunk, & It Goes Horribly Wrong

Wolf gets skunked
International Wolf Center

Now, that’s funny. The wolf thought that he had himself an easy meal, but even in nature, when somethings seems to good to be true… it probably is.

Wolves are highly intelligent apex predators that hunt for a living. Whether it’s solo or in a pack, these wild dogs have high success rate at feeding themselves.

Skunks are a small creature that roams around at a fairly slow pace. Omnivorous, they will eat anything they can from bugs to rodents, frogs, eggs and other dead animals. Few things will eat them because of their widely known defense mechanism of their spray. The raising of a skunk’s tail means anything within distance of the spray is in for the worst smell of their life. It works well and keeps many animals off of them.

This wolf, who was located in a wolf sanctuary, couldn’t help itself when it came across a feeding skunk with its back turned to it. It runs up to the skunk full of confidence, but that quickly changes as the skunk lifts its tail and sprays him. The wolf thinks twice, but tries it again, taking another shot right in his open mouth.

That has to be an awful treat, as the wolf shakes its head and drives his face into the ground to get rid of the stench and the burning.

As the video explains, the wolves did end up killing the skunk anyways, but it came at a price. Lesson learned? Maybe not…

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