Big Largemouth Bass Shatters Angler’s Fishing Rod, But He Still Lands It

Bass fisherman snaps rod

When you set the hook on a bass, there’s no limit to what you’ll do to land it.

I’ve soaked myself climbing into murky water, gotten hooks in my fingers, and who knows what else to land a fish, and most of them weren’t close to the size of the monster this guy pulled in despite a complete equipment failure.

I can’t find many details about the catch, but it looks like he was throwing a topwater frog under docks when he got a massive strike. As us bass anglers tend to do (and you have to do with a frog), he set the hook hard and his pole completely shattered.

Somehow the fish stay hooked, so he went to plan B and he just started reeling it in anyways. Seems like this bass wasn’t fighting to hard, maybe it was shocked from the power of the initial hookset and didn’t want any more problems, but the angler got it to the boat side and pulled up a lunker with a big old belly.

In the comments section, he suspected that the rod may have been defective:

“I’ve honestly done it to about every brand I’ve ever used….this was a brand new rod that I had just gotten shipped to my house. I believe it was damaged in shipping and this was the first hookset ever with it.”

He should do himself a favor and check out some new rods that won’t snap at Tackle Warehouse.

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