Sierra Ferrell Releases Road Warrior Anthem “American Dreaming,” A Final Preview Of Her Sophomore Album ‘Trail Of Flowers’

Sierra Ferrell Country Music
Bobbi Rich

The final single release before Trail Of Flowers is released this Friday.

Sierra Ferrell might have just dropped my new country music anthem with this one. If you have read a blog or two about Ferrell, you already know that I think she is one of the brightest minds currently in country music. Her unique sound blends multiple genres while still keeping her bluegrass and Americana roots. Her melodies are hypnotizing, and paired with her stellar vocals, they’re a recipe for stardom.

“American Dreaming” is the perfect road warrior anthem to release right before the full 12 tracks of Trail Of Flowers is released. The lyrics wrestle with wanting to build a life but staying out on the road and grinding to meet your American dream. Ferrell is a road dog, traveling to all corners of the world to project her sound to fans, so listeners know that these lyrics encompass a feeling she knows all too well.

The song’s composition highlights a banjo and steel guitar, giving it a modern yet timeless feel. At the same time, during the bridge, Ferrell is backed by Lukas Nelson and Melody Walker as the music heightens before falling back to a softer tone. Of course, at the focal point of the song, Ferrell highlights her out-of-this-world range and showmanship, being able to tenderly deliver lyrics during the verses and powerfully convey harmonies during the chorus.

Accompanying the single’s release, Ferrell also dropped a video highlighting the high points of life on the road and moments that have been instrumental in her chasing her dream.

I feel this song is quickly going to be a favorite in her discography. Trail Of Flowers releases this Friday, and we are all in store for something special. The Era of Sierra is in full effect.

Trail Of Flowers Tracklist: 

“American Dreaming”
“Dollar Bill Bar”
“Fox Hunt”
“Chittlin’ Cookin’ Time in Cheatham County”
“Wish You Well”
“Money Train”
“I Could Drive You Crazy”
“Why Haven’t You Loved Me Yet”
“I’ll Come Off the Mountain”
“No Letter”

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