“Playing With Fire” – Post Malone Shares Photo In The Studio With Luke Combs

Post Malone and Luke Combs country music

Post Malone continues to tease his country era.

The pop/hip-hop artist has voiced his desire to “go country” for quite some time. Ever since he first covered some well-known country songs, and did them justice, country fans have long waited for that full-country-moment to finally come.

And it seems like now would be the perfect time, does it not? Everyone else seems to be dipping their toes into the genre of country (Beyoncé, Lana Del Ray, etc.), so why wouldn’t Post Malone make a run at it? Based on the ramping up of country-themed social media posts lately, I’d comfortably assume that an official announcement has to be coming soon.

Back in February, Post Malone shared a number of different clips of himself working with some of country music’s biggest names. Posty first posted a video of himself vibing to an unreleased song that he and Luke Combs sang on together:

Then not too long after, the “Better Now” singer shared a clip of he and Ernest hanging out in the studio. “Hanging out” might not be the right way to put it. It was more like “jamming out” as they sang the Toby Keith classic “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American).”

Here’s to hoping this cover finds its way on the country album when it finally arrives:

Though all of these videos have been great to see, there still has yet to be a concrete announcement from Post Malone on when all of these teasers could come together. It would be hard to imagine that a country project of some sort is not on its way, so it’s really just a matter of when, and what it may all look like.

The sound of it should be a crossover of Post Malone’s regular style and that of more modern country music. You can kind of hear what I’m talking about in yet another teaser that Post Malone posted last week for a song that will presumably titled “Missin’ You Like This.”

Take a listen:

And now fast forward to today, when Post Malone took to Instagram to announce… nothing really at all.

It was just another teaser, this time again featuring Luke Combs with the caption “playing with fire.” That would be a great name for a song, though it appears that the message instead was describing some sort of lighter trick that Luke Combs pulled off as they sat together in the studio.

You can scroll through all three photos below to see Combs “wow” Post Malone:

All in all, I guess it’s good to see Post Malone and Luke Combs working together again. But I’m assuming a lot of fans out there are like me, and are just selfishly ready for the official announcement of “Posty Goes Country.”

Quick side note… just look at the contents of that coffee table. Bud Light, Doritos, a mega bag of Swedish Fish, and a boatload of water bottles. Good to see they are drinking responsibly and staying hydrated as they “play with fire” in the studio.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock