“Civil Litigation Has Few Ways To Punish Wrongdoers” – Plaintiff’s Attorney Issues Statement Following Jimmie Allen Sexual Assault Settlement

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Last week, Jimmie Allen’s former manager, identified as Jane Doe, dropped her case against the country music star and entered a settlement agreement. While the plaintiff remained anonymous, her lawyer, Elizabeth Fegan, made a statement regarding her decision, PEOPLE Magazine reported.

The legal team agreed to the settlement offer Allen and his legal team made, choosing not to go to trial. However, Fegan made it very clear that this choice was not made lightly and did not reflect their feeling that Allen should not be held accountable for his actions.

“Jane Doe entered into a settlement agreement with Jimmie Allen to avoid the trauma of reliving her abuse over the course of a painful trial.

The lawsuit against Allen was never about financial gain for my client, but instead holding Allen accountable. Unfortunately, civil litigation has few ways to punish wrongdoers; we could not ask the court to jail him, for example, or force him to change his behavior. One of the few remedies we do have in civil litigation is to ask the court to punish through monetary damages, which we did.

While Allen and my client reached an agreement prior to trial, the motivations remained true — to hold Allen accountable, which we succeeded in doing.”

The Fegan Scott legal team concluded their statements, noting that the second filing will still go to court and the second Jane Doe will continue to pursue her case.

PEOPLE obtained a statement from Allen about the case being dropped as well:

“Because of these false allegations, the past eight months have been the hardest of my life, but it has shown me how much love I have from my friends and family. [Jane Doe’s] non-[factual] story has affected the lives of my children, and I’m not down with that. I can take all the jabs, but when they start affecting my children, we have serious issues.”

It’s just another day with Jimmie Allen drama surrounding this case. From filings, dropping, and updates on his relationship status, this fight has been a rollercoaster and is still far from over.

The other Jane Doe still awaits trial.

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