Bald Eagle Crashes Into Juvenile Eagle To Steal Away Picked Over Carcass

Bald Eagle attacks younger one
Hunter K WIld

This bald eagle must have been a Toby Keith fan.

Why do I say that? Because it appears to live by the lyrics of “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue,” as made evident by the video below of a bald eagle swooping down and putting its talons into the back of a juvenile bald eagle.

Just in case the comparison was still a little fuzzy, I’m thinking specifically of the lyrics:

“We’ll put a boot in your ***It’s the American way.”

Our great country’s national bird perfectly encapsulates those lyrics. Bald eagles often choose to assert their dominance and collect food by stealing it away from others. Sometimes that entails putting a foot/talon into another animal’s figurative (and sometimes literal) rear end, like in this video below.

An a juvenile bald eagle (their heads don’t turn white until they mature), was chowing down on what looks to be a fish carcass when an older bald eagle decided it was going to call dibs. That practice is common for bald eagles, as described in the post’s caption:

“One of their most pronounced competitive behaviors is kleptoparasitism, the act of stealing food from other birds and, if necessary, other eagles. With their impressive size and strength, baldies are known to seize prey from smaller raptors like ospreys after they have done the hard work of capturing it.”

In other word’s, the American way. Let someone else do all the work, then swoop in and take all the credit for it and reap the reward. That might also be the American dream. I guess either one works.

The poor eagle tried its best to defend itself, but was no match for the larger bald eagle (and the other bald eagles that were lurking close by). After the attack, it hobbled off and didn’t even attempt to challenge the larger predatory bird.

What a bald eagle wants, a bald eagle gets. And it appeared to share with the other bald eagle once it got the weaker specimen out of the picture. Check it out:

And since I mentioned “Courtesy of The Red, White and Blue (The Angry American),” here’s the classic Toby Keith (RIP) song in case you wanted to listen to it. I highly recommend playing it as you watch the bald eagle video above:

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