Monster Brown Bear Goes Fishing In The Pouring Alaskan Rain

Big bear

Is it weird to say that this big ol’ bear is a “big ol’ vibe?”

I might be using that phrase incorrectly, so forgive me if I’m getting it wrong. But to be honest, I think I’m right in saying that this monster bear has an incredibly chill aura to it. One might even see this video and proclaim that this bruin in particular could be his or her spirit animal.

In the video, which is featured on the social media account Bears of the Day (a great follow, by the way), the sizable bear first appears somewhat animatronic. It’s as if the person filming stumbled into the Country Bear Jamboree.

However, viewers quickly discover that its slow and subtle movement was just the bear scanning the landscape to see where it wanted to enter the fast moving stream. The pouring Alaskan rain meant that it didn’t matter if the big bear took a dip in the water, and it needed to grab a snack anyways.

So the bear waddled into the water and planted itself within the current to wait for a fish to swim by. Bruins, as you probably already know, are phenomenal at fishing, They use their claws and their quick instincts to stomp down on fish as they swim through the water.

For most of this footage, the bear in focus takes things slow. It only speeds up when it needs to, and does just that when it ferociously splashes down into the stream and comes up with a fish clinched within its jaws. Once it has the fish in tow though, it goes back to its ginger pace, and I can’t help but relate to that.

If you’ve got something that you need to take care of, do it fast. That way you can get back to lounging and taking your precious time enjoying the walk through life. That seems to be how this large bear views it all, and I respect the hell out of it for that.

I hope this bear is still out there making the most of life, taking things slow, and tearing apart fish like there’s no tomorrow. We need more stuff like this on our social media timelines.

Check it out:

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