Territorial Leopard Seal Flashes Its Big Teeth To Divers

Leopard seal shows teeth to diver
Viral Hog


If the ocean wasn’t already scary enough, that certainly does the trick.

Leopard seals are massive predators in the cold waters, reaching over 13 feet long and weighing over 1,300 pounds. They live off a carnivorous diet of anything they can catch in their harsh climates. Mainly eating fish, but will never shy away from an opportunity to eat even penguins or their own kind, these are apex predators that are read to kill.

Beyond their speed, their teeth are their best weapon. They get their name from their spots, which resemble a leopard, but those teeth seem to match its namesake as well. They have a powerful bite that can rip through and grab onto slippery prey in the water.

These animals often stay clear of people, but on occasion, they can get curious. And beyond curious, it’s been seen more than once for them to be aggressive over territory.

These divers found that out when they were out for a swim with some cameras set up in Antarctica. A leopard seal comes down and swims right towards the divers.

He gets to one of them, right in his face and flashes his teeth… and that could ruin the divers day in a flash. He then passes by the next diver and does the same thing before circling back and really gritting them at the first diver.

That was just letting them know who’s boss in the water. But let me say, I might be heading to the surface after seeing that.

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