Olivia Dunne Roasted For Ancient Laptop As She Watches Boyfriend Paul Skenes Strike Out Jackson Holliday

Livvy Dunne

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne (A.K.A. Livvy) is typically in headlines regarding her impressive earnings as a student-athlete/TikTok star now that the NCAA is allowing athletes to utilize their NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) to rake in piles of cash. And while it’s definitely good to see college athletes earn money for the billions of dollars they work to generate, NIL definitely has had some negative impacts on college sports. I mean, it is essentially the reason Nick Saban, AKA the GOAT, stopped coaching college football… but we can get into that in another blog.

So let’s not beat around the bush here… when it comes to Livvy, she’s a superstar because she is absolutely stunning. The gymnast is one of the highest-grossing NCAA athletes, male or female, and is now able to parlay her athletic ability into a modeling career.

Heck, if I looked like that, I’d be doing the same thing:

However, the drool fest over Dunne has subsided a little since she launched her relationship with Pittsburgh Pirates top prospect Paul Skenes, the #3 prospect in all of Major League Baseball. But, from a recent social media post of Dunne cheering on her boo against the MLB’s #1 prospect Jackson Holliday (who struck out), she is getting roasted for how she is tuning into the game.

@livvy Let’s go Bucs! #foryou #mlb #baseball #girlfriend ♬ nintendo wii (mii channel) song – julie on the internet

Dunne was watching the game on an ancient-looking laptop, and folks came for her neck over the dated tech. Given her income bracket, you’d think she’d probably have the newest MacBook on the market (maybe one not even on the market yet), but I must admit I respect that she is beating to her own drum and using a laptop that isn’t top-of-the-line.

The ASUS laptop looks like it could probably be run over by a car and would still work… and I know some people (my editor) love these laptops because they last. While the tech is getting roasted, many overlook how sweet it is that she is dialed into the game.

Enjoy the Grade-A commentary.

“Your computer is too big how’d you get that thing through the door.”

(Top tier comment from the MLB)

Here’s the full AB if you’re interested:

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