Ex-Arkansas State CB & Titans Scout, Blaise Taylor, Faces Murder Charges For Fatal Poisoning Of Pregnant Girlfriend

Blaise Taylor
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Blaise Taylor was arrested in Utah and faces two charges of first-degree murder for allegedly poisoning his girlfriend and her unborn child a little over a year ago.

The Metro Nashville Police Department contacted local authorities in Utah, where Taylor moved last year, to take him into custody and ultimately back to Nashville.

WSMV in Nashville reported on the harrowing story:

An extensive investigation by Nashville police unearthed enough suspicion for a grand jury indictment. Taylor had dialed 911 on February 25, 2023, and told the operator that he thought his girlfriend was having an allergic reaction. It sure sounds like there was a much more nefarious plan at play based on the severity of charges Taylor is being tagged with.

Jade Benning turned 25 years old on the day she died, March 6, 2023. She was five months pregnant with her unborn child, who passed away on Feb. 27 and was allegedly fathered by Taylor. Detectives never got the chance to talk to Benning before she succumbed to the poison.

Taylor played college football at Arkansas State as a cornerback. He was more recently working for in the Tennessee Titans’ scouting department, hence his residence in the Nashville area. After about a four-year stint with the Titans, Taylor moved and started a job as a senior defensive analyst in June 2023 at Utah State.

What a tragedy. There’s not much else to add here, short of hoping all the best for Benning’s family through what’s had to be such an awful year or so. Although the investigation went on for months, it looks like justice will finally be served soon enough.

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