Canadian Ice Fishermen Reel In Full Buck Skeleton

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I’m confused…is this a hunting story or a fishing story?

Considering that a guy technically laid out a big buck, it could be categorized as hunting. But then again, he did have to reel in the deer, or what used to be a deer, out of the bottom of a body of water, so that’s more along the lines of fishing.

How about we just move forward and say it’s a little bit of both, shall we? Admittedly, it’s without a doubt an ice fishing story, and a crazy one at that. Deer skeletons don’t get hooked like this all that often.

At least not whole one anyways, like these ice fisherman managed to do in Canada. They at first thought that they were lucky enough to have hooked the skull and antlers of a deceased deer. The fishermen got even more hype as they pulled out the skull to reveal that most of the rest of the body, including the back legs, were still intact as well.

There’s probably nothing else that they could have reeled in that would have thrilled them more than this deer skeleton. I’ll admit that it’s pretty cool, but there’s a part of me that’s a little spooked as well.

You watch this video and tell me the sight of the deer skeleton doesn’t make you a little uneasy:

Normally you’d be disappointed if you pulled up something out of the water that wasn’t a fish, but this is one of those rare circumstances where catching a deer carcass is equally (if not more) exciting.

However, like I mentioned, there are a lot of people in the comment section that are concerned about pulling a spooky skeleton out of the deep waters:

“That’s one effed up looking fish.”

“Put it back down there. PUT IT BACK.”

“Why do I never get to find these cool things?”

“Well there went their deer tag for the year.”

“Bros just unleashed the ancient curse.”

The good news is that if there was a curse attached to this deer skeleton, this post was celebrating the one year anniversary of the catch. Surely the curse would have kicked in by now, right?

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