World’s Biggest Scumbag, Antonio Brown, Posts Photoshopped Nude Photo Of Gisele Bündchen

Antonio Brown
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Incase you haven’t heard, Antonio Brown is the worst.

We’re talking about the same guy who has burned bridges with all of his former NFL teams, ripped off his jersey and quit in the middle of the game against the New York Jets last season while he was playing for Tampa Bay last season, and he also groped a woman while swimming naked in a hotel swimming pool in Dubai.

It’s been wild watching him go from being the best wide receiver in the NFL, to a disgrace, being blackballed from the league, his teammates, and what few friends he has left.

And in his latest antics, he’s been throwing some awful shade towards his former quarterback Tom Brady, as he’s going through a divorce with longtime wife Gisele Bündchen.

Since it was announced Brady and Gisele were divorcing, Brown has posted a number of pictures and comments about the situation on social media, including photoshopping his face onto Brady’s face alongside Gisele in family pictures.

It’s pretty sad, considering Brady vouched for the guy to come to Tampa Bay and wanted him to be on the team, and Brown even leaked a long text message the quarterback sent him, basically asking why he’s being the worst person on the planet right now.

But, it’s pretty clear that Brown wants to continue being an asshole, as he recently posted a photoshopped picture of Gisele naked on his Snapchat.

Apart from being morally wrong, this could also lead to a lawsuit against the guy, but judging from Brown’s antics over the past few years, he could give two shits about what anybody thinks about him.

There’s clearly something wrong with the guy, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he needs some serious help before he completely ruins his life for good.

He also took at shot at Derek Carr:

Tom Brady Allegedly Only Donated $200K To His TB12 Charity Over His Career

It’s been a rough go for Tom Brady in 2022.

His “unretirement” and return for a 23rd season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ultimately resulted in a divorce with his long time wife Gisele Bundchen, and not to mention, the Buccaneers are incredibly mid this season, and Brady hasn’t quite played up to his standards.

And to make matters worse, his donations to his own charity, the TB12 Foundation, are now being called into questioni.

Brady, who has made a whopping $350 million plus in his extensive NFL career, has allegedly only donated $200,000 of that to his charity. And here’s the kicker… the foundation has paid Brady’s FOR-PROFIT company TB12 more than $1.6 million. It’s the only company listed as an “independent contractor,” according to The Daily Beast.


Needless to say, it’s never a good look when you’re making money off your own charity, more than what you’ve put into it. And that’s not to say that Tom hasn’t been involved in plenty of other charity initiatives, because he has, but it is just a bad look… a really bad look.

And on top of that, he and Gisele have currently been named in a $11 billion lawsuit regarding the fraudulent crypto firm FTX, which just lost billions and billions of dollars.

Brady and Gisele have supported and promoted FTX for quite some time, which is why they are apart of the lawsuit.

And on top of that, Gisele is reportedly dating jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente.

I mean my God, the winningest, and statistically best quarterback in NFL history is finding himself on the short end of the stick for the first time in his career. When he loses, he loses BAD.

I mean c’mon, though… who could trust a guy that looks like this?

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