Two Whitetail Deer Full-On Sprint Into Chain Link Fence

Two deer

On one hand, nature is absolutely incredible.

On the other, sometimes nature is absolutely incredibly dumb.

For the incredible side, we’ve seen a golden eagle fly off with a fox, two alligators fight on a golf course, and a wildebeest leap over attacking lions.

And for an example of nature being incredibly dumb, let’s take a look at this video.

Unfortunately, there’s not many details on where it was taken, but someone noticed two white tailed deer tearing across a field at what appears to be a local high school, so naturally they took out their phone and started filming.

There was a chance that nothing would happen more than some frolicking, a chance that we’d see them leap clear over the fence at the field’s limits, and of course a chance that we’d see exactly this.

As the deer got close to the chain link fence, instead of pulling up or getting ready to jump, they decided to put their shoulders down and hit it head on like a linebacker filling the gap.

If this was a movie, the deer would have busted straight through and made a run for the forest line, but this was real life, meaning the deer got absolutely rocked.

One bounced off while the other somehow got stuck underneath, forced to wiggle out and take off in the other direction.

Fortunately they both seemed okay so we can laugh it off, because let’s be honest, this is pretty funny…

One second making a run for freedom, the next slamming against a web of twisted metal coils.

The highest of highs, and the lowest of lows… that’s nature in a nutshell.

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