Madonna Accidentally Calls Out Fan In A Wheelchair For Not Standing Up, Apologizes For Being “Politically Incorrect”


It’s admirable that Madonna is still out there taking names and kicking a*s on stage at 65 years young, managing to pack houses all across the globe on what’s known as The Celebration Tour. Far be it for a writer who knows nary many of her tunes, but even the Queen of Pop herself would probably like to have this sequence of events back.

Madonna had a bit of a slip here when she implored her throng of loyal listeners to get off their bums and jam out with her to whichever song was coming up next, only to single out a spectator who would not meet her demand:

Turns out, the fan was in a wheelchair and therefore could not rise for the occasion. In a moment of shock, embarrassment and sort of surreal circumstances, Madonna seemingly forgot to act like a human being for a minute there, and proceeded to issue the following form of an apology: “Oh, OK. Politically incorrect. Sorry about that.”

Not the most graceful, nor the most effortful quest for forgiveness I’ve ever laid ears on, but…what you gonna do (when your love is gone)? It’s Madonna. The show must go on, her tour bus ain’t stopping for nobody, and hopefully she can gift that fan with something special after the show. I’m going to tell myself that’s what will happen. That Madonna can still do her thing, juggle multiple business enterprises, make music, tour around the world and still crush at all of those things, after all this time in the spotlight, is an achievement in and of itself.

We also can’t leave here without me mentioning the following: Madonna has certainly done her fair share of activism and philanthropy. In fact, as Forbes reported back in October, 100% of proceeds from her exclusive Celebration Tour tote bags will be donated to the Chema Vision Children’s Center and Raising Malawi. So don’t freak out and come at me sideways, y’all, saying that I don’t believe Madonna has an empathetic bone in her body. She obviously does. Just trying to inject a little lightness into the situation. Not aiming to get too gravely serious, or full-on bash Madonna for a tough human moment on International Women’s Day of all days!

What’s the lesson here? Can think of multiple universal nuggets of wisdom from this one. Don’t judge a book by its cover. You never know what someone else is going through. The Golden Rule, arguably. You know what it is.

Anyway, didn’t even know I had it in me to make a Madonna lyrical allusion somewhere in this article, but I pulled it off with that nod to “Fighting Spirit.” I shall therefore play you out with that song, along with the absolute banger that is the music video for “Music.” But first, how about a little team-up of Madonna and Kylie Minogue for “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” that just happened last night as far as I can tell.



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