Yellowstone Tourist Gets Right Up In Young Bison’s Face

Bison nearly railroads photographer

There are some moments in life that simply call for a photo.

Sometimes it’s a big life event, like a graduation or wedding. Other times it could be a get together with friends, or a beautiful landscape seen while traveling. NEVER is it to take a picture of a bison’s nostrils in Yellowstone National Park.

That appears to be the angle that this tourist was going for as he risked his life and got face to face with a bison. The man quickly became one of the newest additions to “Tourons of Yellowstone,” which is a wonderful social media page dedicated to idiots interacting with wildlife at the famous national park.

Despite all of the evidence and video proof saying otherwise, the NPS advises those who visit our country’s parks to stay, at the very least, 25 yards away from wildlife. This guy with a camera wasn’t even 25 centimeters away from the beast.

Why? Because he wanted to snap a close-up picture of the bison, and if I had to guess, there’s no way the photo turned out well. Has the guy never heard of cameras having a zoom feature?

He stayed kneeled down as the bison approached him with its tail straight up. As the caption of the post explained, that usually means one of two things. Either that bison is using the bathroom, or it’s about to kick some ass. In this clip, it looks like both things were accurate.

When the man stands up, you can see the bison give pause and quickly posture up to determine of he is a threat. However, this youngster is probably a little more reserved at this age. As the caption points out, a more mature bull might’ve caved his face in.

Check it out:

Luckily for the “touron,” the younger bison never charged him. The largest land mammal in America must have been feeling nice that day and ultimately spared the man who undoubtedly deserved a good old-fashioned wake up call (by that I mean at least a little nudge from the bison).

Social media users were blown away by the man’s stupidity and lack of awareness, and didn’t hold back in the comments below the video:

“Wow, unbelievable! I guess tourons come in all ages.”

“Great restraint on the side of the bison.”

“That guy has one amazing guardian angel.”

“I like how this man just stands up and turns his back to the bison as if it’s no big deal.”

“So embarrassing. Leave those animals alone.”

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