Deer Somehow Manages To Get Hit By Car… That’s Parked

deer parked car

Alright deer, we’re onto you now.

It’s never made much sense that deer run towards moving cars, but the one in this video has no excuse at all. Just imagine leaving your car parked on the street and coming back later to discover that your vehicle hit a deer without ever moving.

That’s what took place in this footage, and I guess if we’re being technical here, the deer hit the car. You could argue all day long about whether the car hit the deer, or vice versa, but at the end of the day, there’s a deer-sized dent in the vehicle.

I’m scared to know how the insurance claim went. It was a likely a “who’s on first?” level of confusion as the driver kept trying to tell the agent that the deer hit their car, but they weren’t driving it, and it was in park.

Thankfully, they had this security camera video to back them up if and when they called. The footage shows the tan car staying in the parked position as a group of deer run around behind it.

You’d think it would be one of those deer that end up being the culprit, but you’d be wrong. Instead, another rogue deer comes dashing into the frame out of nowhere and pummels right into the side of the vehicle.

There’s no telling how much the impact hurt, but the deer didn’t really show much pain as it got back up to its feet and slowly walked away from the scene. You know…like someone who wanted to avoid looking suspicious so they don’t have to pay for the damages.

Take a look:

That’s going to hurt in the morning.

And likely a couple of mornings and days after that. That deer “full sent it” into the side of the car, and though it was able to walk away, there had to be some internal injuries sustained during the impact.

Those in the comments section of the video had their theories as to why the deer took aim at the car, while most just made jokes at the deer’s expense…and the expenses it caused for the car owner:

“I think deer are just expert insurance scammers.”

“That was personal.”

“I love how the deer just gets up and casually walks off like it was nothing.”

“Their kinks are 4,000 pounds of steel running into them.”

“And he didn’t even leave a note. What has our world come to?”

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