Brian Kelley Fires A Shot At Former Florida Georgia Line Bandmate Tyler Hubbard With “Kiss My Boots”

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Brian Kelley

Is this the most bizarre release you’ve ever seen?

Last week, former Florida Georgia Line member (more like background dancer) Brian Kelley started teasing new music under this bold, and dare I say almost exciting, banner of “betrayal.” Kelley posted a video on Instagram with the caption “Volume Up. Airin’ out the past.” And the video included this ominous voiceover:

“I’ve been quiet, and I took the high road. The truth is, I have a deep wound. After crankin’ some Hank, drinkin’ some Jack, I have some truth to share.”

Now, it’s no secret that Florida Georgia Line had a falling out. Around the time of the last election, it became pretty clear that Tyler Hubbard and his wife were super Liberal in their politics, and Kelley and his wife leaned more Conservative, leading to Tyler unfollowing BK on social media, and even admitting politics was the reason why. The duo split up, started pursuing solo projects, and recently, Brian said there was “no chance” they would be getting back together anytime soon.

So with that in mind, let’s get back to this new song… Kelley posted another teaser saying:

“My mental health coach told me a couple years ago as I was navigating through an extremely difficult, hurtful, and confusing time, “the person with the highest emotional intelligence has the highest responsibility.”

So as hard as it was in those moments to take the high road, I took her advice and I sat back and “ate my popcorn.” Everyone processes differently. I went inward. And it all came out in a song. Now it’s time for y’all to get your popcorn”

Oh, Brian… the popcorn is ready. Let’s hear it. And look, I couldn’t care less about anything Florida Georgia Line, especially when it comes to new music, but does the weak-hearted and immature child in me love a little drama? Yup. Do I wanna hear what really went down between the two of them? Sure do. Call it childish, call it petty (I met Tyler once, was an asshole to me), I don’t care, let’s hear Brian Kelley’s story about how Tyler Hubbard allegedly stabbed him in the back, I am HERE for it.

So then, doubling down on this betrayal narrative… Brian drops a behind-the-song explanation of how it came to be, along with the details of his upcoming solo album titled Tennessee Truth. The press release even calls “Kiss My Boots” the “most personal lyrical statement of his songwriting career.” Granted, with a catalog of songs like “Cruise,” “This Is How We Roll,” and “Sun Daze” and alike, it probably isn’t too hard to find the “personal lyrical statement” with this new one.

He says:

“It’s a song about relationship, it’s a song about betrayal and it’s a song about getting my power back, and saying how I feel, saying what I think and owning that in a song… They’ll do you dirty, play the victim and then convince people that it’s you. If you’ve ever felt this way, stream “Kiss My Boots.”

Alright man, let’s hear it…

What… that’s it? That’s the big declaration of “your truth”? All that build up, all that hype, all the teasers about finally coming clean just to drop a corny, vanilla, outdated breakup song that, if you didn’t know any better, has really nothing to do with Tyler Hubbard at all? He talked bad about you, is that it? Really opened up your heart and took some chances, huh…

And obviously that final scene in the video where Brian (from Florida) is carving up a peach (peaches are from Georgia… so clever) is the only direct shot at Tyler Hubbard, but I gotta say, I am thoroughly disappointed in this. I was expecting some real dirt (no pun intended), a glimpse into the falling out, and what we got sounds like a song that Michael Ray or Tyler Farr would’ve recorded back in 2015 (and they would’ve sounded better doing it). Just come out and say it, dude. Middle finger in a song? More like busted pinky you slammed in a car door. No depth, no substance, no nothing.

The marketing and messaging ahead the song just don’t match the end product whatsoever… I don’t know how you even do that with a straight face. Then again, he says he wanted to pour his heart out like Taylor Swift, so if BK feels like he spoke his piece… I guess it’s mission accomplished

But as bad as country radio is, will they even play this? I’m not so sure…

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