Is Brian Kelley Calling Out His Former Florida Georgia Line Bandmate Tyler Hubbard With His New Song “Kiss My Boots?”

Florida Georgia Line
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Do we have some new Florida Georgia Line drama brewing?

Of course that might sound weird since the duo of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard broke up back in 2022. And then last year, Kelley threw cold water on the idea of the band getting back together any time soon.

Neither of the members ever really spoke about the reasons for the split, but speculation of trouble in paradise began to swirl as far back as the 2020 election when Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley, who were critics of Donald Trump, unfollowed Brian Kelley and his wife Brittney, who supported the former president.

And now both of the former FGL members are pursuing their own solo careers, with Hubbard releasing his self-titled solo album last year (which honestly just sounds like a knockoff of Florida Georgia Line music), and Kelley releasing his “beach cowboy” album Sunshine State of Mind back in 2021.

Not that I’m regularly listening to either one, but for what it’s worth Kelley’s music is far less objectionable (i.e. less terrible) than Hubbard’s, so at least there’s that.

But Kelley recently teased a new song that has fans speculating that he’s ready to open up on the behind-the-scenes drama with his former FGL bandmate.

A couple days ago, Kelley posted a video on Instagram with the caption “Volume Up. Airin’ out the past.” And in the voiceover for the video, he made it sound like he’s got some tea to spill:

“I’ve been quiet, and I took the high road. The truth is, I have a deep wound. After crankin’ some Hank, drinkin’ some Jack, I have some truth to share.”


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Then yesterday, he posted a clip of the new song, “Kiss These Boots,” and the opening line had fans speculating that he’s talking about Hubbard:

“You been throwin’ dirt on my name round this town like it ain’t small
Like your friends ain’t my friends and I wouldn’t end up hearin’ it all”



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And today, Kelley posted another clip of the song with a longer caption:

“My mental health coach told me a couple years ago as I was navigating through an extremely difficult, hurtful, and confusing time, “the person with the highest emotional intelligence has the highest responsibility.”

So as hard as it was in those moments to take the high road, I took her advice and I sat back and “ate my popcorn”. Everyone processes differently. I went inward. And it all came out in a song. Now it’s time for y’all to get your popcorn”


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Let’s see, what was happening a couple years ago that he could be referring to…

(And to put any other rumors to rest, though it sounds like a breakup song, Brian and Brittney are still happily married, with Brittney praising Brian in the comments of the posts of his new song. So no, it has nothing to do with his marriage).

Well fans quickly took to the comments, and everybody assumes that the song is addressing the drama with his former bandmate:

“Well, damn. We ain’t getting that FGL reunion tour”

“Best thing you ever did was leave FGL.”

“Very sorry you went through such a hard time. You are the real winner though. Your talent (singing and songwriting) is way above and beyond the other guy. NEVER understood why we always had to listen to the other guy take the lead on songs.”

Of course Kelley hasn’t confirmed that the song is a shot at his former bandmate, but he’s dropping some pretty big hints – and fans are quick to pick them up.

The new song drops March 6, but Kelley’s already played it live a couple times if you want to give it a listen to see if you can pick up on any more clues…

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