Family Of Bobcats Use Fallen Tree To Cross Fast Moving Creek

Bobcat family crosses log

Can’t go around it. Can’t go through it. Gotta go over it (so the trail camera on the other side can get a good shot).

This family of bobcats was sticking together, and the kittens (bobkittens?) were doing a little bit of “follow the leader” as they worked their way across a fast moving creek. It was without a doubt a situation of “mother knows best” as the bigger bobcat ran across the fallen tree at full speed and trusted that her kittens would manage to make their way across.

Their little legs were doing all they could to keep up, but they were lagging behind by a decent distance. And we find out later in the footage that there might be a particular reason for that.

One of the kittens kept moving quickly to keep up the pace with its mother, while the other (which I like to think is my spirit animal) stopped for a moment to take in the sights and sounds.  was either doing that, or it was knowledgeable on how trail cameras worked and wanted to make sure the camera got some good shots. The young bobcat really hits viewers of the video with some “Blue Steel” poses (that’s a reference to the movie Zoolander for those that are lost).

For wild animals, those bobcat kittens sure do look a lot like your classic house cat. There are a lot of people that would love to “boop” some of those kittens on the nose, but instead, we’ll just have to settle for this video of them in action.

Check it out:

Just in case you thought I was fabricating the part about people wanting to adopt these bobcats as pets, I dug into the comments of the post and included some replies that would support a) that the cat knew the camera was there and b) that people want to adopt these bobcat kittens:

“The kitty knew this was his moment for the Gram.”

“I’d risk it all for a chance to have one as a pet.”

“Big Homeward Bound vibes.”

“They are gorgeous!! Here kitty kitty kitty!”

“The last one was posing. He knew the camera was there.”

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