Jason Kelce’s Former Teammates Reveal His Iconic Super Bowl Parade Outfit Was A Secret: “There’s No In-Between… We’re Children”

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Yesterday Jason Kelce announced to the public that he has chosen to retire.

The emotion-filled press conference not only relived some of his greatest moments on the field, but he also tearfully spoke about how much his family, wife, and kids mean to him and how he can’t wait to be fully present as a father.

If you haven’t watched the press conference, I’d highly recommend pausing here and doing so… it will leave you in a puddle.

Kelce is undoubtedly one of the greatest centers of all time, and I am sure he will be praised for his contributions to the NFL as the years go on. Just because he is not on the field does not mean he will not be talked about. But, one piece of Eagles history he is still known for that occurred off the field is his legendary speech at the Super Bowl parade after the Eagles brought home the national championship in 2018.

Kelce stepped up the podium in a full Mardi Gras colored mummer outfit and lit the crowd on fire with his words.

“‘Hungry dogs run faster.’ And that’s this team. Bottom line is, we wanted it more. All the players. All the coaches.”

The words were powerful enough as is, but matched with his blinged-out outfit, everyone in the crowd was ready to run through walls after that speech.

On a recent episode of New Heights, Jason had on (now) former teammates Chris Long and Beau Allen the trio was reliving some of their favorite drunken moments from the Super Bowl parade, and naturally, Kelce’s over the top outfit was brought up.

In typical Super Bowl parade fashion, everyone often dressed in outlandish clothing, but since Kelce often showed up to games wearing gym shorts and flip flops, none of them expected him to wear what he did that day.

“I was like, ‘Kelce what are you wearing,’ and he was like ‘Ah, don’t worry about it.’ We go over to your house and are drinking beers before the parade and you were like, ‘Alright I’m going to go get changed.’

I was like ‘Ok,’ expecting you to come out with your OD shirt and flip flops, like what you do. But you come out in the full Mummers outfit and I was like, ‘What the **** is going on, bro.'”

Beau Allen noted, which was quickly followed up by an equally hilarious statement from Chris Long.

“There’s just no in-between. It’s either full dress-up or sandals and Carhartt. A bunch of grown men were like, you just won the world championship, what are you doing…I’m gonna dress up in the dumbest **** possible. We are children, I’ve been doing that since I was a kid.”

Long is not wrong with that statement about wearing the dumbest sh*t possible, as he was sporting a full-on pimp fur coat that parade day. I’m just glad that Kelce never took himself too seriously when it came to celebration attire…shall we relive his most recent fashion statement of a Luchador mask in the Las Vegas nightclubs?

Jason Kelce has suave. I can’t wait to see Kelce fully in action next season, cheering on his brother, Travis.

Getting a full season of moments like this is about to be unmatched.

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